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The questions to the AME2008

Thank you for visiting our Website. After the great success of the AME2006, 2007 and AME2008 we are working at the preparations to the AME2009 with full speed.
During the fair we accomplished a visitor inquiry. All visitors, who filled out the questionnaire, could participate in drawing by lots. Drawing by lots took place after the lectures under participation of the visitors. Here is a excerpt from our questioning.You will find more information here in a few weeks.

Why is this fair so successful?

That the meetings are already such a large success shows that the organizers work well. They are even star friends and in marketing and/or in the service active. Therefore everything fits so well.

Whether flyer, announcement or poster, everything appears in a uniform Design with high recognizing value.

Also the advertising activities are goal-oriented. There is no astronomy meeting, which is applied so intensively in Europe. Apart from an campaign in the most important astronomy magazines we are listed in practically all search engines at the first places. Also the number of visitors on our Website is impressive.


Visitor of the Website www.astro messe.de

from of May 2005 until September 2008

The fairground is in an unique position in Europe. With a railway station for the ICE of the German Bahn AG and with a direct connection to the high speed motorway A81. So the AME can be attained within shortest time. The fairground is in only one hour distant from Stuttgart, Strasburg, Freiburg or Zurich. The AME can be attained comfortably by airplane, Schwenningen has its own airfield.

Our support- free of charge:

Listing in the Internet exhibitor list with link to your homepage

Wide range of press relations before and after the fair

comprehensive advertisements by the organizer

Standard exhibition booth

wide area for observing the sun and testing of telescopes

We support you by assembling your booth.


And this is what the professional journalists wrote about us:

Bernd Weisheit, Journalist at Sterne und Weltraum Edition 12/2006, page 100 ff

"Successful Premiere ... the first Astro Fair to take place in Southern Germany since 1990 began with a long line of visitors waiting at the entrance ... The exhibitors found a positive response from more than 2200 visitors and benefited from a spacious air-conditioned exhibition hall ..." www.suw-online.de

Ronald Stoyan, Editor-in-chief of the magazine Interstellarum Edition 49, Page 10

"Siegfried Bergthal and his colleagues can judge the first International Astronomy Fair (AME) in Villingen-Schwenningen to have been a total success ... a large contribution was made by the choice of venue – an exhibition centre with all the necessary facilities, as well as by the professional organisation." Interstellarum N°. 49 www.interstellarum.de


Michael Zimmermann, Journalist at Schwarzwälder Bote 18.09.2006

"The first Astronomy Fair was a galactic success ... the brilliance of this premiere was an almost intergalactic success. This will take place again on 22nd September 2007." www.swol.de

Otto Guthier, Chairman of the Association of Stargazers in Germany, VDS-Journal No. 22, Page 120

"... the surge of visitors was so big, that by 2pm a large line had formed in front of the pay desks. Our VDS stand was so well frequented that the numbers exceeded all expectations. By the evening nearly every VDS magazine had been taken (note: VDS had 800 of these available) – the information brochures were all gone by 2pm. To sum up: 38 new members joined the VDS. This had never happened before at a similar event ... VDS congratulates those responsible for the excellent organisation of this Astro-Fair ..." www.vds-astro.de



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